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*Available only on Aftermarket Websites® PRO. Click here to get started.

    Faster, More Accurate Search

    Year/make/model search (Y/M/M) is a high-powered feature available to those Aftermarket Websites® shop partners who sign up at the PRO tier of service.

    With Y/M/M search, your customers are guaranteed to find products that fit. This feature not only helps them find what they need faster but also reduces the chances of an incorrect purchase—and subsequent return. Y/M/M search lets your customers drill down to what they need FAST and lets them buy with confidence.

    Easily Customizable

    We provide the Y/M/M technology, but you get to make it your own. Customize the color, text, and even where the search module shows up on your site. You can even select exclusions to prevent certain results from showing up in searches. Don’t sell parts for certain types of vehicles? You can filter them out!

    Manage Orders Easily on Aftermarket Websites
    Manage Orders Easily on Aftermarket Websites

    Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty

    Our Y/M/M lookup enables searches by year, make, and model, but it doesn’t stop there. Customers can also search by other parameters like bed length, body type, and submodel to return even more accurate, relevant results.

    Aftermarket Websites Reporting Tools
    Manage Orders Easily on Aftermarket Websites

    Seamlessly Integrates with Aftermarket Websites® POS

    We designed our Y/M/M search to work intelligently with our companion point-of-sale system. For example, a customer’s profile can be enriched to include information used in their Y/M/M searches.


    Enhances SEO

    Our platform bakes application summaries into every result returned by your Y/M/M module. This text-rich content adds to the information indexed by search engines, helping your site rank higher by their crawlers and making it more likely to be seen by local customers searching for the products you sell.

    Aftermarket Websites Reporting Tools


    Search Engine Optimization

    Take your business to the first page of results in online searches.

    Year / Make / Model Search

    Improve your customer’s shopping experience with our built in year/make/model lookup tool.

    Product Data Management

    Load unique product data for hundreds of industry-leading brands with just a few clicks.

    MAP Violation Protection

    Sleep easy knowing that your MAP pricing is managed automatically.

    E-Commerce Tools

    Let your customers buy online and pick it up in your store.

    View on Vehicle

    Give your customers the ability to build their ride with the product visualizer.

    3rd Party Integrations

    Expand the functionality of your website by integrating with 3rd party companies.

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