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Enriched Product Data

Aftermarket Websites® offers something that no other aftermarket website provider can offer: enriched product data. Aftermarket Websites® was created and is still managed by The AAM Group, the aftermarket’s largest program distribution group. Through our partnerships with various brands and data providers, we source the most complete and up-to-date data available.

We begin sourcing data from all available sources including:

  • DCi
  • SEMA Data
  • PartsHub
  • PDM
  • ASAP Network
  • Manufacturer Direct

Once we source the data, we identify the PIES data fields that are most important for your website. We then enhance that data in a few ways.

Working Directly with Manufacturers

Working with the manufacturers directly to get all additional digital assets including images, instruction manuals, technical drawings and more. We will also provide our supporting brands with data grade sheets to let them know, on your behalf, what data is missing that could help your business sell more of their products. Most of our supporting brands maintain an A average for their data.

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Digital Asset Creation

We also create assets in house to further help fill the gaps and enhance the data such as additional photography and videography. We have a state-of-the-art photo studio large enough to photograph vehicles of any size.

We also have an entire videography team that will work with our supporting brands to create custom video content to help further enhance the data.

Proprietary Categorization

You can have the best product data in the world, but if it is not organized properly your customers will have a bad shopping experience. That’s why we have created our own proprietary categorization system. We ensure a more user-friendly experience for your customers shopping on your website. This categorization system will automatically categorize any brand that you upload into the parent and child categories with no extra work on your part.

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Coming Soon!


Our data team is hard at work creating product attributes so that your customers can narrow down their searches even more based on specific or unique features of each product.

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